Scientists and gamers tested the theory of probability

An unusual coalition of scientists and gamers decided to test the basic postulates of quantum physics. The aim of the study was to establish a precise definition of the theory of probability.

In the experiment, organized in the framework of the project Big Bell Test took part more than 100 thousand players who have been asked to take online tests, transmitting the results to the experts.

Scientists decided to put an end to years of dispute between supporters and opponents of quantum physics, as well as dispel the numerous doubts of the researchers, who celebrated a fairly frequent inconsistencies of scientific theory and reality, however, in most cases, had no opportunity to prove otherwise.

Open in the 20-ies of the last century, quantum mechanics has served as the basis for the extension of the theory of simple physical explanation of all phenomena. This viewpoint was supported by albert Einstein. Niels Bohr, on the contrary, called quantum physics science is limited to the framework of metaphysical processes, and private static.

The test results showed a variable choice of starting material for the measurements, therefore, scientists had summarized that while talking about the zero error is not possible.

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