Scientists: an intimate relationship in marriage pass the test of time

The ability to save a marriage is a very important quality. Scientists from the University of Florida, Louisiana and Belorusskogo University have found that sexual activity of older couples above, if both spouses with youth remained loyal to old age were able to save his family.

Established: in the first years after marriage the spouses are the most active sex life. Over time, the intimate values are replaced by attachment to each other, children, and sex gradually loses its sharpness. However, a long and happy family life, established scientists, allows you to save the spice of intimate relationship and interest in them even after 50 years.

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This is due, most likely, with a sense of trust in the partner. This feeling grows from year to year, strengthening family relationships. The spouse to 50 years no secrets from each other, so it is much easier to give her partner a real pleasure.

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