Scientists: allergic to water is also common

Experts described the symptoms of Allergy to plain water. It turns out, hives and other manifestations of Allergy can appear even after bathing. The very first case of this unusual type of Allergy scientists have described in 1963, 15-year-old girl. At this age, she rode a jet ski, after which the skin appeared specific ulcers.

Experts suggest that allergic to water – a rarity. It is possible that this state occurs at a certain age and only in females. Usually sores and redness disappear within one hour, however in some cases, skin manifestations may persist for up to several days.

While it is difficult to say whether water causes allergies or chemical compounds that accidentally fell into the liquid. There are very few cases of Allergy to water, scientists know. More research is needed in this direction to understand the problem.

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