Particularly strong alcohol affects the nervous system of children and adolescents. Scientists from the University of Eastern Finland found that young people tend to drink large quantities of alcohol, areas of the brain responsible for memory, decision-making and self-control, the size is quite small.

Scientists examined the brains of 62 adolescents without mental disorders, writes The Daily Mail. More volunteers completed the full survey revealing attitudes to alcohol. About half of the adolescents had problems with alcohol. Some used alcohol to four times a week. The other half of such problems were not.

Scientists found no differences in levels of anxiety and tendency to use other drugs in two groups. However, adolescents who consumed alcohol were more likely to smoke cigarettes. Even in this group when scanning the brain was noted underdevelopment of the cortex (anterior cingulate, right orbitofrontal and frontopolar cortex, the right part of the superior temporal gyrus and insular region).

While experts do not indicate the presence of a definite connection between alcoholism and degenerative changes in the adolescent brain. Require more extensive research to confirm or refute this theory.

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