Scientists: aggressive people prefer red color

For most people, the color red is associated with energy, power and maximalism, some perceive it as a source of energy. Since ancient times the color red was the color of war. When analyzing the color palette, it turns out that this color is the most saturated one.

Research group of the University of North Dakota conducted a study which found that aggressive people prefer red color to all the other colors. The data was confirmed by conducting a small experiment. Researchers divided the volunteers into two groups. The first group consisted of fans of the red color, the second loved blue. Then each passed the psychological test.

Research has proven that fans of the red color more aggressive, a quarter more hostile than the people who love the blue color and its shades.

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It is likely that the Association is incorporated in the brain and is caused by the process of evolution. If you remember the ancient hunters, it becomes clear: red back has had an Association with danger and hostility.

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