Scientists: aggressive behavior of adolescents is of genetic nature

Scientists have found one of the causes of aggressive boys. It turned out that constant aggression to address others may be caused by epigene changes that occurred during the carrying a child in the womb. The authorship of the research belongs to the scientists of the University of Montreal and McGill.

The present study was conducted for over thirty years. It was attended by 32 boy with chronic physical aggression, which was noted in early childhood, according to Medical News Today. In addition to them, was created as a control group for comparison of blood. It turned out that the performance of the four markers of inflammation - cytokines were reduced in children with normal levels of aggression in 6-15 years.

Another study tries to explain the mechanisms of DNA methylation in relation to people with pathologically aggressive behavior. Methylation refers to the process epigene changes in DNA, which is associated with parental imprinting. This process is an important link in the process of gene expression.

Geneticists have found a relationship between the process of DNA methylation, occurring in cytokines, regulators methylation in T-lymphocytes, cells monocytes and the development of aggression in boys and men. Aggressive intrauterine environment adversely affects fetal development, resulting develops chronic pathological aggression.

In addition, the researchers found similarities between aggressive people. Often their mothers do not have a good education and gave birth to their first child at a young age. Often mothers with mental disabilities. Pregnancy sometimes occurs with abortion and other deviations from the norm. Babies are born preterm and intrauterine factors affect brain development and immunity.

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