Scientists against circumcision

In Norway, representatives of the Centrist party has called for the abolition of ritual circumcision of boys, saying it was outdated and even dangerous practice.

The party spoke out strongly against the government's intention to begin consultations with experts, then to make a ritual circumcision a part of public health. Mandatory among Jews and quite frequent among Muslims ritual often involves the urethra stricture, infection, bleeding and even panic attacks .

The representative of the party Jenny Klinge said that circumcision at an early age for religious reason, it's more like a crime, as it may affect future sexual and personal life of the boy and carried out without his consent.

The issue of circumcision in the modern world arose more than once in the past year on this issue was held a referendum in San Francisco, and Dutch doctors have long been required to stop such practices. According to them, this painful and harmful ritual directly violates the rights of children, because of age, when he is, boys too young to give informed consent. Religious communities are not ready to cancel the ritual completely, but agreed to reconsider and change his technique to a more modern, for example, under General anaesthesia.

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"Circumcision is fraught with complications for the child, and in five percent of cases the consequences of this operation cause serious harm to the boy, not to mention the psychological effects of the surgery, say doctors from the Royal medical Association of the Netherlands.

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