Scientists advise women not to have children one after the other

Doctors, justifying his judgment the results of a recent study, advise mothers to pause in 2-5 years between the birth of children. If you give birth to one child after another, each subsequent one and a half times increased risk of autism, according to The Telegraph.

If the break is more than five years, the risk increases again. First, 30%, after 10 years - 40%, say the researchers at Columbia University.

Scientists plan to conduct additional research to ensure the objectivity of the data obtained. It is not yet clear increased risk of autism due to the small interval between childbirth or child affected by additional factors of the external environment.

The current study involved seven thousand children 1987-2005 year of birth. A third of the doctors and was diagnosed with autism with various degrees of manifestation. It turned out, the less there was a gap between the first and second births, the higher was the risk of autism in the second child.

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