Scientists advise pregnant women to walk as often as possible

In almost all cases of caesarean section by reason becomes large size of the fetus. According to the source, "The Daily Mail", so the baby was born at a normal weight, pregnant several times a week to walk a fast pace.

Under the supervision of scientists Granada University, headed by Dr. D. Ruiz was 510 pregnant women who adhered to a sedentary lifestyle. They were assigned to exercise

Several women from participating in the experiment were offered aerobics 3 times a week for 55 minutes, stretching and strength training. classes began with a period of 3 months. Then it was found that through training, the risk of delivering a baby weighing more than four pounds, dropped by 58 percent.

Caesarean section or natural childbirth

It is known that naturally born children, have a stronger immune system in contrast to children who were born by caesarean section, because at birth the baby passes through the birth canal and touches the microbes that improve the immune system.

It is worth mentioning that under the knife fall mothers who have excess weight, which in turn may cause hypertensive diseases, diabetes, blood clots. Plus the full moms chubby born children, which in the end can hurt asthma or diabetes.

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