Scientists advise parents not to lie to children

Everyone knows even from the cradle, that lying is bad. So people with childhood teaching parents. But at the same time, the parents fooled by the minutiae of their children. Children from an early age trying to convince that Baba Yaga, Santa Claus, Babaika and other fairy-tale characters exist. American scientists have tried to establish the impact on children of such stories.

They found out that 98% of Chinese are cheating their children to behave well. About the same time, scientists have already reported the results of their work published in the International journal of Psychology. In addition, American scientists have found that in US for such a trick resorted 84% of American mothers and fathers. The difference is due to the traditions of the process of education, for example, in China from children require absolute respect and obedience to elders.

In addition, it became clear that neither Chinese nor American parents do not see anything wrong in that they, in fact, deceive their children. The main thing for them - it's good conduct and for his sake they are ready to support these legends over the years. It was also found that parents resort to deception even in the case when a child asks you to buy something or just don't want to eat their porridge.

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The study authors warn of such parents. Conducted research involving adolescents, showed that during adolescence children are looking for that person who you can trust, and, first and foremost, they are looking for him among their parents. Thus, myths and tales, which he deceived the parents and children were, in fact, caught in a lie, play a bad joke with themselves as parents. Children stop believing them. Therefore, the researchers recommend to replace cheating on some other action, such as rewards, praise or other motivation.

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