Scientists advise men not to delay the conception of a child in later years

The risk of death of children born to men over the age of 20 increased by 1% for each additional year. To such conclusion scientists from Russia and Britain. About the study PLoS One writes.

The received information coincides with the opinion of biologists and geneticists who study human mutations. With every passing year, the number of mutations in the human genome grows, the chance of transmission to future offspring.

"In our modern society often postpone having children until adulthood. In our British scientists for the first time by getting a great material revealed that the viability of the child is very important, at what age begat his father, his father — grandfather and grandfather — great-grandfather. Perhaps this effect is of genetic nature: adaptation decreases due to the accumulation of mutations over several generations," comments the results of the research worker of the Institute of information transmission problems. A. A. Kharkevich, Russian Academy of Sciences Georgy Bazykin.

The accumulation of mutation in sperm cause serious medical concerns. This year in Britain has proposed to freeze the sperm of all men aged 18 years to save future offspring from many diseases. While the problems of ethics and morality do not allow to carry out such programs, however, scientists believe that people should be able to conceive a child from the sperm collected at a young age.

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