Scientists advise cuddle to reduce high blood pressure

Hypertension continues to be a cause for concern for many patients suffering from high blood pressure. However, currently available drugs are not always produce the desired effect. In addition, they do not cure hypertension completely, and bring temporary relief. Italian scientists found effective against high blood pressure. This tool is quite easy to use as you just need to cuddle. It should also be noted that the arms help to improve memory and reduce stress.

During the study, researchers found that hug the person begins to produce oxytocin, which gives a physical impulse. In addition, those people who often embrace with the native people, after some time, becoming more sensitive. According to neuroscientists, a similar effect can be achieved only during hugs with loved ones, while the arms of strangers can lead to stress. This is the result of generation in times of stress hormone cortisol, which increases the overall anxiety.

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At the same time, oxytocin, which is produced by the pituitary gland, makes kindred feelings stronger. For example, thanks to him, the feeling of closeness between parents and children, husband and wife. In addition, this hormone is being produced in large quantities after childbirth and during breast-feeding, thereby establishing an emotional connection between mother and newborn.

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