Scientists advise against tablets and laptops when recording lectures

In the age of computer technology students difficult to stand before using laptops and tablets on the lectures. Well, if the devices are used for educational purposes and not for entertainment. However, according to experts, the standard pen and notebook many times improve the digestibility of the material, while laptops and tablets reduce achievement, writes the Free Press Journal.

Students using the technique for recording lectures, worse to cope with solving conceptual issues. Data were established in the course of the experiment, with the participation of 65 volunteers. It turned out that electronic notes carry more raw information. Lecture, hand-written, was understood and filtered through the mind of the student. During the recording by hand is the immediate processing of information. This increases the effectiveness of training several times.

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In the experiment, the scientists suggested that volunteers to reproduce material from this a week ago. It was found that when recording handwritten information is digested much better. Even the presence of a literal progress of the lecture did not give the student the benefits, if these words were typed on a tablet or laptop.

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