Problems with alcohol have to 4.9% of the world's population over the age of 18. In figures, this amounts to 240 million people. This 1.5 of the Russian population, including children. Alcoholism is much stronger than common among men (7.8%), among women the rate was more moderate (1.5 percent).

Scientists: about five percent of the world population – alcoholics

Nicotine dependence among 22.5% of the inhabitants of the Earth. It's 1 billion people, almost the entire adult population of China. From drugs, injectable depend 15 million people. Accurate data on the consumption of "light" drugs not.

Interesting data about years that humanity loses because of his bias. The DALYs in alcoholism amounted to 257 years per 100 thousand people, and take psychotropic drugs 83 100 thousand.

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