Scientist have grown artificial ear from an ordinary Apple

A real breakthrough in the field of transplantation medicine and stem made canadian specialist Andrew Snelling. He managed to grow a human ear in the frame, is made from Apple. The method turned out cheap and effective.

Earlier spelling was fond of computer science old electronics and hacking various systems. At one point he realized that he wanted to go into high-tech medicine. The head scientist came to grow, the ear is not the most obvious method.

Andrew Snelling asked the wife to cut out Apple shape, repeating the human ear. Next, the scientist removed from the form all the cells of the Apple, in addition to the cellulose skeleton. Received Wednesday, he settled programmed in stem cells. Within a short period of time they sprouted "Apple-ear" similar to a real body is made from cartilage.

Now the scientist is trying to grow heart, liver, skin and heart. Snelling believes that vegetables can help medicine grow new organs. For example, asparagus can restore damaged areas of the spine.

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