PhD student of chemical faculty Peter] studied the properties of microgale and synthesized the prototype drugs of cancer. The scientist believes that the main problem throughout pharmacology in the following. Chemical substances that could be the cure very much, but few of them can enter the cell and remain in it.

"The use of drug loaded in the polymer nanocontainers, opens up opportunities to improve their therapeutic properties," says the author of the project. — A new class of polymeric nanoparticles — microheli that can be used as the most effective means of delivery. When they are nabuhshimi in the aquatic environment, you can hold within itself a variety of drugs," says Peter].

Research group of VSU have analyzed the properties of microgale. In humans they behave consistently and steadily. Putting in the substance of certain medications, it is possible to achieve a high therapeutic effect. Primarily develop useful for the treatment of cancer.

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