Scientist fabricated data about the benefits of red wine

Scientists from the University of Connecticut has notified the 11 scientific journals that studies of the potential benefits of drinking red wine contain falsified data.

After three years of investigation the University Council came to the conclusion that the study's author, Dr. Deepak K. Das fabricated data at least 145 subjects, published on the basis of dishonest research 26 journal articles.

Deepak K. Das, known for his research on the cardiovascular system, according to his labour compound resveratrol found in several plants and red wine, it has a beneficial effect on the heart.

A study on the validity of the conclusions Dr. Das was launched after a tip-offs received in 2008. It was revealed that the doctor intentionally incorrectly read data and calculated results of experiments. All funding of the laboratory Dasa was suspended, and the grant of 890 thousand dollars on research has been revoked. The doctor comment on the case refused, in the scientific environment, his word was recognized as "lacking confidence".

So at the moment the usefulness of red wine for the heart is under question.

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