Science has proven the benefits of fasting

Cardiologist-scientists from the Medical center Intermountain at the heart Institute came to the conclusion that the periodic fasts, even if not in the medical and religious purposes, has a positive effect on the human body, in particular on the work of the heart.

Dr. Benjamin Horne found that the observance of the Lenten diet reduces the risk of diabetes and threats to the coronary arteries, also during fasting in human blood significantly reduces the level of cholesterol, which often leads to coronary heart disease.

Lent is a stress to the body, and often permanent slight feeling of hunger from the new diet. In response to stress, the body begins to produce 14% more work cholesterol, which recycles the energy previously accumulated fat in the body. Reducing the amount of fat has a positive effect on the risk of diabetes and development of insulin resistance.

During abstinence from food for 24 hours in the human body increases the content of growth hormone in women on 1300 percent, and men at 2 000.

In the experiment of Dr. Horne was attended by over 200 people, voluntarily made themselves post. Dr. horn believes that soon the doctors can start to write ill post as one of the means of treatment and prevention of heart disease.

Although Russia has a large percentage of believers, lean diet during Lent observe not all. Maybe we all should start to stick, though not for religious reasons - as care of the soul, but of medicinal reasons as health care.

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