Science explained the cause of the desire to eat something harmful after drinking

Many people notice that after drinking alcohol there is an overwhelming desire to eat unwholesome food. Thus, the publication Men's Health notes that often night clubs go in search of food.

At the Medical College of the University of Pennsylvania conducted an experiment with mice, which allowed us to establish a link between alcohol and fatty foods at the level of neural networks.

Rodents, the researchers were divided into three groups to study fluid intake (water with alcohol). The first group could still desires to eat fatty foods, but the alcohol was getting only 4 hours a day 4 days a week. The second group of rodents ate the usual food, and were limited in alcohol. The third group were not given permanent access to fast food, and alcohol.

The scientists gradually increased the proportion of alcohol in the water for eight weeks. It turned out that mice that were given the freedom to eat junk food at any time drank more alcohol. Therefore, these two products there is a link at the level of neural circuits.

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