Sciatica: what is this disease and how to fight it

Sciatica is an inflammatory disease of the nervous system, affecting the spinal roots. It is developing due to many reasons, such as: • injuries and damage to the spinal cord and spine • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (low back pain, intervertebral hernia, educated osteophytes, congenital malformations of musculoskeletal system) • Some infectious diseases (herpes, syphilis) because Of all the reasons listed above are violated roots of the spinal cord, exiting through the intervertebral foramen, which develops clinic sciatica. Proceeds sciatica in two forms - acute and chronic. To provoke an attack of sciatica can factors such as hypothermia, restretching, heavy physical work, prolonged standing in an uncomfortable position. The main symptom development of sciatica is pain. The pain is strong, sharp, localized throughout the roots, nerves. In addition, when sciatica there is impaired motor function, sensory impairment innervated skin and muscle areas. Depending on the localization of lesions secrete cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral, and mixed forms of sciatica. The diagnosis of sciatica is set on the basis of the patient's complaints of pain, reduction of sensitivity, limited mobility due to pain, on the basis of physical findings (palpation points of exit of spinal nerves), instrumental data can identify the disease, contributing to the development of prejudice coming out of the roots). The treatment of sciatica can be both outpatient and inpatient. The main goal of treatment is relief of pain and treatment of diseases responsible for the development of sciatica. Besides painkillers are prescribed physiotherapy (electro therapy, light therapy, mud therapy), exercise therapy, massage, acupuncture, stretching the spine. It is strictly forbidden to carry out various warming up procedures as sciatica can be caused by inflammatory diseases, in which the heat is contraindicated. At home the desired effect will have a cooling ointment and rubbing. When strong pain syndrome shown by appointment the patient blockades, when their inefficiency - examination and surgery (if possible).

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