Schools will work suicidology

In Russian schools are planning to introduce a vacancy for a specialist for the prevention of child suicide. This emergency countermeasures shocking number statistics of teenage suicide. According to who, each year in the Russian Federation 200 children and 1.5 thousands of teenagers commit suicide, and our country is in 1st place in Europe in the number of juvenile suicides.

To date, General dynamics tragic cases fairly quiet. Although American psychologists and it was observed that the peak of suicides occurs in spring, even with the spring months of this year, the level of child suicide rate is 1% lower than last year. The Commissioner for children's rights in the Russian Federation Pavel Astakhov says that 5 thousand children aged 15 to 19 years who voluntarily died for the last 3 years, could remain in this world. Suicide may not have taken place if there was an elaborate system of prevention of suicide and psychological assistance to children. Currently at 48 thousand schools have 16 thousand school psychologists. Thus, the expert notes, one person falls on the 800 students, and it is depressing. Moreover, the program providing psychological services to adolescents for the prevention of suicide is absent in principle. But, even typing a new job unit in the schools, on the basis of the test can be identified only 5-10% of children with a high risk of suicide.

As underlined by the head of the Department of suicidology Moscow research Institute of psychiatry of the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation Evgeny Love, screening, and measurements can show only 30-40% of students with suicidal thoughts. Surveys and testing of children is not enough, you need to conduct a survey of their parents. Family should be aware of the symptoms, which is a warning signal about the disaster that can befall a family.

Meanwhile, statistics show that the topic of suicide is particularly painful for the people of China, India, Sri Lanka and Eastern Europe, and here in Egypt, Haiti and Jamaica, the suicide rate is almost zero.

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