Schools will be obliged to check the children for drugs

At the moment the law on health protection, according to which it is possible to conduct audits of drug use, but it is not the responsibility of schools and Universities. Now the chief psychiatrist of the Ministry of health Eugenia Bruin made a proposal to test students for drugs became mandatory for educational institutions.

To conduct such tests, state agencies need to undertake bulk purchases.

Parents or students may refuse to be tested. However, the initial survey showed that undergo voluntary testing agree 85 percent of the students, but the students agreed that only the third part. However, the researchers warn that there are times when it gave a positive result because of legal drugs or even after the buns with poppy seeds, therefore, to introduce this practice in the school is very careful not to put the child the label of "addict". The chief psychiatrist assures that the results of the inspections are not recorded in the databases.

"There is a law on inspections on drug use, but there is no law that would indicate that inspections must hold an educational institution, it should be corrected," says Yevgeny Bryun, in his opinion, schools and Universities must enter into agreement on testing with narkodispansere.

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The President of the Society of evidence-based medicine Vasily Vlasov believes that the tests that will require laboratory verification, are on hand only stationary laboratories that initiate the procurement of rapid tests. In this way the flow of their clientele will rise considerably.

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