School portfolio is the main culprit degeneration of the skeletal system in 90% of children

Experts from the chiropractors Association of Australia state: about 90 percent of the students can be a serious back injury due to improper wearing of the portfolio, reported by 9 News. Experts believe that it is a threat to premature degeneration of the skeletal system, the malfunction of the nervous system and even disabilities.

All are guilty of too large a load on your back and spine of the child, because at this age and growth and development of the main systems of the body. The result is the emergence of many health problems, as well as further development of the bony skeleton of the children, the expert says Billy Chow.

Through observation of the 346 students in Adelaide, it was found that 90 percent of them on the way to school when transferring portfolio had problems with posture. Almost 80 students simply dragged their portfolios, and 75 percent of the ergonomic features of their portfolios, which are designed to relieve back, never used.

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While students still continue to wear a notebook, sports equipment, or are just plain wrong portfolios. It was found that the portfolios with the largest weight were students in primary school (the weight of the bag is 17% of the body weight of the child). 33 percent of children backpacks worn too low, and 20 percent wear them altogether on one shoulder.

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