School picture will tell you about family happiness in the future

Strong family relationships, according to scientists and psychologists, are the key to mental health and social well-being. Such people often feel happy and necessary. Recent research has proven that building a full-fledged successful marriage helps to extend the life and keep the body from developing chronic diseases.

At the time of schooling, students create a special school albums, where they sit at their desks or posing for a photo. It turns out that for school pictures, you can determine the propensity of man to divorce in the future. Students who photographs constantly get sad or unhappy are more likely to experience problems with building a family. The rate of divorce, for example, increases up to five times. This was the conclusion of a scientific group from Indiana University Depot, headed by an American psychologist Matthew Hertenstein. The scientists decided to understand the relationship between school picture and successes in building a family.

For the study, researchers analyzed the photos and the marital status of their owners, who by the time of the experiment have crossed the bar at the age of 55. Taking into account other factors such as social status, level of education, place of work. After processing the received data, the researchers concluded that poor early photos of the guys in the future five times more likely to get any, and sometimes to old age and not found a companion to build family relationships.

However, scientists were not surprised findings and explained that personality characteristics. Smiling children are mostly extroverts. This type is easier to contact, from the very early age of extroverts many friends. It also helps in further social adaptation. Introverts more difficult specialize, often do not admit even the closest people to me, and that becomes a barrier to entry into adult life and build strong family relationships.

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