Schizophrenia - symptoms and treatment

Schizophrenia is one of severe, chronic mental illness, which occurs most often. Typically, this disorder develops in primary adult or young age. Although there may be exceptions. In men, the disease usually occurs in 17-24 years, and women begins later, in the 25-45 years.

Despite many studies of psychiatrists, the exact cause of the disease is still not installed. It is believed that all events that somehow cause stress are risk factors. This can be a severe physical illness, mental injury, or head trauma. But all these factors can affect a person if he has no genetic predisposition. Children whose parents are ill with schizophrenia, the risk of disease increases.

For schizophrenia characterized by incremental changes in thinking, perception, inappropriate speech and behavior. These people gradually develop functional disorders in the areas of life and interpersonal relationships. In patients with schizophrenia early signs are affective disorders, which include problems with mood, depression, loneliness, or even thoughts of suicide. The symptoms of this disease are of 2 types: productive (positive) and deficit (negative). Productive are symptoms that are not observed in healthy people, and the negative - loss of ability or characteristic of a healthy person.

In patients with schizophrenia often hallucinations, mainly auditory, but also there are verbal or optical. The patient may seem that all his actions and thoughts are controlled by another person or some kind of power. To productive group also includes delirium, disturbed thinking, and sometimes include disorganization, in which the observed chaotic thinking, speech, or behavior.

Negative symptoms are social isolation, loss of emotions, motivation, apathy, impaired attention.

In most cases, the disease develops gradually over several years. To diagnose schizophrenia one characteristic separately, each of these symptoms can occur with other mental disorders. The diagnosis is based on patient history. The history includes the story of the patient and his relatives and family members. The diagnosis "Schizophrenia" can be set only if the first symptoms of the past 6 months.

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At the moment, unfortunately, medicine is still unable to completely cure this disease. In severe cases the treatment of schizophrenia runs in hospital. Medicines used antipsychotic drugs. Now there are atypical antipsychotics, which are more effective because they act as positive and negative symptoms. To non-pharmacological method of treatment include psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral, family and art therapy. Proper treatment can often allow you to achieve long-term remission, allowing patients a long time to lead a full, normal life.

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