Schizophrenia prevents people interpret the gestures – the scientists

Paranoia in schizophrenia can occur when a person ceases to understand the gestures that help healthy people carry on a conversation. Sure of experts from king's College London. They believe that all schizophrenics need to re-teach him sign language, it will help in the treatment of patients, improving their quality of life.

In total the study involved 54 volunteers, 29 of them suffered from schizophrenia, confirmed clinically. People were asked to follow the gestures of actors on video. The sound when viewing was absent. The captain scratched eyes, holding her index finger to her lips, made other common hand gestures.

The solution is simple gestures well and healthy people, and patients with schizophrenia. If the gesture was a complicated one, schizophrenics often thought that it somehow relates to him, which caused anxiety and symptoms of paranoia. It is likely that hallucinations and paranoid thoughts of schizophrenia interfere with the perception and processing of information.

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