Schizophrenia may develop due to "lack of sleep"

According to scientists from the University of Bristol, some of the symptoms of schizophrenia can occur due to lack of sleep.

Many people with a lack of sleep experiencing low mood, poor concentration and stress. But, according to Zee News, prolonged sleep deprivation in extreme cases may be accompanied by hallucinations, memory loss and other symptoms.

Scientists conducted an experiment on rats with previously caused by insomnia. In the end, experts in sleeping rats fixed desync waves running from the frontal part of the brain to the back. Was also disrupted the flow of information, linking the hippocampus, responsible for the formation of memory, and frontal cortex, supporting decision making. According to experts, people with symptoms of schizophrenia are often characterized by the same cerebral activity.

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Previously, scientists found a link to "sleep" with a probability of adolescent diabetes and obesity in adults. Volunteers not slept for two nights continuously, felt a strong feed. According to scientists, the reason for this is that lack of sleep triggers hormonal failure in the body. Not counting diabetes and obesity, using sleep to prolong activity can develop bronchial asthma, various allergies and cancer.

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