Scandalous admission to medical school

After a scandal in RIMU n.a.And.Pirogov, which is often called the "second honey", with lists of applicants, which included "students-the ghosts, the investigating authorities were initiated two criminal cases.

The scandal broke in August last year, when Victor Simak, an analyst who was involved in the databases that are published on the student forum of the University: analysis of the list of applicants and suggested that the University conducted a large-scale fraud when taking students on a budget. The test result showed that 75 percent of entering the University was not listed in the Federal database, which presents evidence of the results of the exam.

The rector of the University, Nikolai Volodin, dismissed by order of the health Ministry of Russia. While performing his duties appointed Natalia Polunina.

The investigation revealed that members of the selection Committee in the period from 21st to 27th July 2011 from personal interest were included in the list of admission to the first year of the personal data of about 600 non-existent students. The materials of the case the Prosecutor General's office sent to the Investigative Committee, where they were supposed to take the decision to prosecute all those responsible.

The Agency's interlocutor said that members of the selection Committee, which included a list of non-existent students have overestimated the results of the unified state examination, was created a situation where many school leavers have lost the ability to act on the budget places in the University, although initially they had the chance. He also noted that representatives of the technical Secretariat of the University and the admissions Committee has secured admission to the University students who scored low points on the exam, but for which they had a personal interest.

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The violations were filed two criminal cases, referring to part 1 of article 285 of the criminal code (abuse of office) and part 2 of article 292 of the criminal code (official forgery).

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