Scandal in the Pharma sector: tool, previously popular, provokes cancer

From a rare type of cancer may suffer tens of thousands of women. This type of cancer is caused by the fact that in the past, their mothers and grandmothers used a drug called diethylstilbestrol (DES), now banned who reported The Daily Mail.

In the UK until 1973 the above free tool was administered to pregnant women in order to reduce the risk of miscarriage. But, as it turned out later the drug is, in fact, led to an inevitable miscarriage. And now scientists have discovered that diethylstilbestrol has high properties of Carcinogenicity.

Already about 2 thousand Americans have applied to the company demanding compensation of harm. About 1 billion pounds was the total amount paid. Apparently, the company that distributed the drug, also have to pay significant compensation amount and the women of Britain, which feared that the tool has become a cause for the development of a rare form of vaginal and cervical cancer, and breast cancer. DES is charged with the advent of such delicate issues as fertility.

DES is a synthetic form of estrogen (the female hormone), which was established in 1938 in Britain. According to the research, 1 of 1 thousand daughters born to women who used the drug DES, got adenocarcinoma chocolatehow. Estimates of the Royal College of gynecology and obstetrics suggests that in Britain the drug could take about 7.5 thousand women. However, independent analysis says, the risk goes up to 300 thousand women.

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Thus, daughters of women who took this drug, often up to 40 times get cancer in his youth, and quarters and more of this type of cancer is fatal. Moreover, a 2-fold increased risk of breast cancer. The reason lies in the fact that the drug alters the DNA of not only those who took it, but also those of their descendants.

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