Scales: what to buy?

In the modern world, where people need to withstand a furious pace of life and constant stress is extremely important to follow the right diet and the health of their body. Excess weight leads to problems with blood pressure, heart, breath, and sleep disorders, so maintaining a healthy weight has become a disease prevention and good health.

Track your weight loss at home to help scales, which can not only be ahead of a person's weight, but to tell him other useful information.

How to choose scales to extract from their purchase the maximum benefit?

Many people buy mechanical scales, considering that it is more reliable and lasts longer, also in comparison with e-they are much cheaper. However, we should recall that the mechanism of such scales is based on the built-in spring, they can not give the most accurate data on the weight or display other indicators. The advantage of this type of scales is the portability of great weight, and no need to charge the battery.

Modern floor scales electronic with a special display shows not only the weight of the person, but the percentage of fat, muscle and bone tissue, and other data. But even they can tolerate an error of up to three hundred grams, the better scales, the smaller this error.

Additionally, many scales have memory function settings are the most frequent users up to 10 people, so they allow you to compare the whole family to track General dynamics slimming or Vice versa - set weight. There are models who themselves recognize a family member, because choosing outdoor electronic scales should be based on the number of people that they can remember.

However, the more features the higher the cost of such scales. The most popular and in-demand features such weights - determination of fat mass, and calculated body mass index of the user.

When choosing weights will pay special attention to the quality of the material from which they are made, the budget is made from durable plastic, more stylish, but also much more fragile - glass scale also in high demand due to interesting designs. You can find metal, wood and even stone scales, the numbers that they will show you pleased!

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