Savings during the bidding 107 million purchased additional medications

The Ministry of health of Ukraine held an auction for the supply of medicines in the amount of 1 062,1 million UAH. At the moment in the country of medicines delivered at 105 800 000 UAH, the remainder of the purchase will arrive in Ukraine in October and November. The change in the nomenclature and analysis of procurement saprosky year has enabled the Ministry of health to achieve savings were saved 107,1 million UAH., that is more than 15 percent of the total budget. Released funds used to purchase additional drugs, and therefore, more patients will be provided with vital medicines. The immunization program the government was able to provide 100% of the demand for drugs.

On onkologicheskim and hematologic programs additionally purchased drugs on 35600000 UAH.

A factor that helped to achieve such significant savings, was the inventory of residues of drugs on the bag in 564 million USD, as well as optimization of the development and implementation of government procurement programs.

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Compared to last year, the effectiveness of government procurement has increased significantly, and therefore increased and the level of drug provision.

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