Save the eyesight of a Cup of coffee!

Japanese scientists have discovered that people who work at the computer more than four hours a day, you want to consume coffee to keep good eyesight and avoid pain in the eyes.

78 people participated in the experiment, all of them had the vision within normal limits. Half of the participants had used caffeine capsules, the other placebo ( at the second stage of the experiment, participants swapped). It turned out that the people who received caffeine, cornea and conjunctiva were moist much better. Caffeine can raise the level of discharge of liquids, after his admission after 45 minutes lachrymal fluid increases and moisturizes the eye.

As you know the dry eye syndrome, or a computer disease that occurs due to violation of lubricating the surface of the eye tear film. And the older you are, the more likely manifestations of the disease, as the fatty secretion decline with age, and the fluid from the tear film evaporates faster. Cigarette smoke, high altitude, dry climate only contribute to the rapid development of the syndrome, and when working on the computer or when wearing contractual lenses it bothers people more often.

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Thus, if you work at a computer or suffer from dry eye syndrome, do not forget to drink during the day and better at work, at least a Cup of coffee. A drawback of the study was that sensitive to the effect of caffeine was not all patients, so you first need to know effective caffeine in this plan to a specific person.

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