Sausages, ice cream and soda in preference to the students of St. Petersburg

Recently, students had the opportunity to share views on nutrition in their school canteen. The administration of some schools Krasnoselsky district posted special boxes where you can put letters with complaints and suggestions.

It turned out, the students dream of the forbidden ice cream, chocolates, chewing gum, fizzy drinks. If sweetness can still be admitted in the school snack bar, on-Cola and sprite imposed a categorical ban, which the Department of social power will not be cancelled under any circumstances, according to

Many students wished to see in the dining diet dish of sausages. One girl wanted milk soup that is difficult because most children don't like it, and cooking this soup for one child it is impossible. But baking the guys agreed: love it all and would like to become longer.

Write letter and parents and children, and with the signatures and anonymous. Basically meet the approval of something and the request for inclusion of any product from the menu. Negative reviews have not yet been caught.

Interest was one sentence: someone wanted in the dining room there was music.

Perhaps the food is better digested. Also the students write about those who prepares for them. Leadership reviews last week went to the barmaid 590 th school Anna Fedorovna, it received the most thanks.

Experiment with the introduction of boxes for suggestions, complaints and questions in St. Petersburg will continue. Specialists of the Department of social power believe that this will help in establishing a common language with parents, who can always complain or to thank the school canteen.

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