"Sausage skin" for diabetes

British scientists have developed an implant sleeve, in appearance resembling a greater peel from the sausages, which they believe will be able to cure diabetes.

A group of scientists from the national Fund of health claims that the device length is two feet can completely cure diabetes for a few weeks. Essentially it acts as a surgical means of weight control by analogy with the disabling of the duodenum.

This name are the first 12 inches of the intestine in the small intestine, leading to the stomach. A new device called the EndoBarrier is a plastic bushing inside the intestine that is, the food is absorbed in the lower intestine. The implantation procedure is carried out for one hour under General anesthesia. The sleeve of thin plastic is introduced through the mouth into the colon using a thin tube, titanium clamp secures the sleeve to the desired location. It is removed after a year of use.

Trials in humans in three British hospitals showed that users sleeves diabetes overeaten in remission. In 72 percent of cases after use EndoBarrier patients with diabetes a year later did not need constant medication. At the moment the operation is available only privately.

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