Sauna improves mood - scientists

Scientists from Japan conducted a study and proved that the sauna is nice and useful procedure that can improve heart function and prolong life.

In the study, researchers suggested that a group of volunteers to visit the bath five times a week. The data confirmed the theory: most of the subjects significantly increased the efficiency of the heart muscle. In addition, the researchers noted an increasing level of intelligence, quick thinking, most people improved mood. Most importantly, argues Professor Takashi ohori park. - systematic baths significantly increases life expectancy.

The increased activity of the heart increases the speed of blood flow, as a result, the authorities provided better blood, decreases the risk of blood clots. Central nervous system strongly depends on the amount of blood, so fast flow and stable operation of the heart - a great opportunity for new discoveries and high performance.

But baths are useful not for everyone. The procedure should be abandoned people with heart disease, vascular dystonia and disorders of the nervous system.

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