Saturated fats increase the risk of prostate cancer

Excessive amount of fat in the diet harms the whole organism in General, and even can cause cancer. Experts from the University of North Carolina proved that regular consumption of foods high in saturated fat in men significantly increases the risk of developing severe forms of prostate cancer. On the progress and results of the work the newspaper writes Science World Report.

In total, the study included 1854 men with prostate cancer beginning stages of development. Have 321 people from the group of doctors revealed that the tumor was particularly aggressive form. Volunteers, together with treatment have been surveys that reveal the quality of food, bad habits, age, ethnicity and profession. Many factors appeared to affect the risk of developing prostate cancer.

The probability that the resulting tumor is aggressive and fast growing the most affected by malnutrition by excess cholesterol. Unsaturated fats (butter, fatty meats), experts say, should be limited in the diet.

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