Satisfied with the intimate side of her life women have been more successful

The results of the survey 1213 women showed that women who are satisfied with their sex life are more successful and motivated in all areas: sports, work, Hobbies, career. Meanwhile, dissatisfied sexual life of women such achievements do not differ.

Was that the most satisfied with their work, those women who have no problems with the amount of sex in my life (76%). On the 2nd place are women who would like to increase the extent of their sexual activity (70%). The least satisfied with their work ladies, who prefer to have sex as little as possible. In addition, these women see their work only as a source of income (17%).

Index women who are satisfied with their sexual activity, accounted for 27 percent and 10 percent of women would like to reduce. Most of the sex I want the students (90%), workers of state institutions (80%), working multiple jobs women (52%) and business woman (46%).

Quite predictable was the ratio between the decreased desire to have sex and increasing female age. Thus, in the age group of 18-25 years, the number of women who would like to reduce their sexual activity, amounted to 4% among women 36-40 years this indicator reached 10%, while 14 percent of women aged 41-45 years would reduce the amount of sex in their lives more than others.

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The study was conducted by a training center SEX.RF

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