"Salt mixes led to the amputation of hands

Recently in the United States was first described case of necrotic fasciitis caused by the new street drug, izvestnymi as "bath salts".The so-called bath salts are sold as synthetic powders, which often contain different amphetamine-like chemicals. The American national Institute on drug abuse warns that the injections can cause inflammation of the skin.The authors on this subject: Dr. Russell R. Russo, Louisiana state University, and colleagues, have seen such deplorable effects of the drug is not hearsay.They were contacted with 34-year-old woman suffered from redness and pain in the forearm, which have come to her after attending a party. Other symptoms she was not, but was attended by a small red puncture on his arm. The woman eventually admitted that she was introduced to "salt" two days before the onset of the symptoms.Doctors revealed progressive necrotising fasciitis. The disease progressed so rapidly that the doctors had to amputate the woman's hand from his shoulder and collarbone, following radical mastectomy. The woman survived, suffering in consequence of skin grafts and rehabilitation."Despite the legal status of the drug, it should be regarded as illegal, you just need to be as careful when studying patients with this clinical history, because strep bacteria can masquerade as abscesses, cellulitis," say the study authors.

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