Salt consumption in India will be restricted

After scientists have found that salt increases the risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and stress, the government of India has decided to legally change my habits of residents.

First, the amount of salt in the chips, snacks and restaurant food should be reduced by at least five percent. Indian Prime Minister M. Singh is going to make a statement on the matter during the General Assembly of the United Nations in new York.

Officials from the Department of health noted that the Indians are accustomed to high content of sugar and salt in the diet and therefore in the first year of their content in the food will be reduced by only five percent.

In addition, following the decree starts company to fight for a lower salt content in food among the population.

The government was considering the second stage of the reform, which is going to limit the use of butter and sugar.

About salt expressed their concern about the entire world. Norway at the meeting of the UN aims to reduce salt intake to had to five grams per person per day. However, not all members supported this decision.

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