Salt affects the aging process - the scientists

American scientists have come to the conclusion that salt has a direct effect on the acceleration of the aging process. To confirm this fact it took a real experiment involving about 800 adolescents aged 14 to 18 years.

For visualization of the aging process, scientists used telomere length in volunteers. It is known that this indicator objectively shows the biological age of the organism. Themselves telomeres, we note, are protective. Over the years telomere length decreases. However, there are factors that further accelerate this process.

In the experiment, the scientists were able to establish that adolescents who have a history of more than five grams of salt per day was getting old faster. The length of their telomeres were significantly shorter than the rest.

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Thus, from the study it is possible to draw certain conclusions: for a long and happy life, you must take care of your diet and watch the amount of salt consumed.

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