Salmonellosis and its symptoms

Acute intestinal infection caused by Salmonella, resulting from ingestion of contaminated water or food, is called salmonellosis. Infection can occur when contact with the patient and through the common household items: towels, dishes, etc.

When injected into the human organism Salmonella enters the small intestine, stopping in the mucous membrane, damaging its secreted toxins, resulting in symptoms of salmonellosis, which depend on its shape.

1. When the gastric form of the disease begins acutely, there are all the signs of intoxication, epigastric pain, frequent vomiting.

2. Gastroenteritis form is characterized by headache and muscle aches, weakness, and fever, violation of water - salt metabolism, dryness of the tongue, covered with a coating, pale skin and bloating, in severe cases, leg cramps, tachycardia.

3. Typhoid form manifests mainly gastroenterologie phenomena, upon termination of which the temperature rises, smut pain, hemorrhagic rash, bradycardia and low blood pressure, weakness, and insomnia.

4. Septic form is characterized by gastrointestinal disorders, chills, heavy sweating, tachycardia, decreased body temperature, enlargement of the spleen and liver, and sometimes inflammation of the iris. This is the most severe form of salmonellosis, with slow current and serious complications: inflammation and purulent processes in the lungs, bladder and kidneys, phlegmon and abscess, endocarditis.

Disease of any form evolves over from 2 to 48 hours and requires immediate medical intervention. First of all, is the lavage of the stomach and intestines of the patient, need frequent drinking, and including the rehydration solution or Glyukosolana. When requirements are entered in the vein of special solutions, and in case of violation of the acid - alkaline balance of sodium bicarbonate. Perhaps the use of antibiotics, enzymes in pill form. Must comply diet.

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Prevention of salmonellosis is the observance of rules of personal hygiene, water treatment and food, compliance with terms of storage.

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