Salmon and walnuts will help you to gain muscle mass

Scientists have shown that healthy fats help in the recruitment of muscle mass and prevent pathological accumulation of fat in the abdomen and internal organs. The human body needs unsaturated fats, saturated are the cause of obesity, The Daily Mail reports.

Despite the popularity of this fact, researchers from Uppsala University conducted a study with the participation of 39 people. Everyone is invited to eat every day to 750 calories more than usual. The main goal is to reach 3% of the original weight.

Half of the volunteers received 750 calories from unsaturated fats, the second group of saturated (palm oil). In the rest of the diet was balanced.

Change the state of the organism was monitored via MRI. The scientists also investigated the activity of genes located in the cells of abdominal fat.

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In the end it turned out that the first group had a reduced risk of developing diabetes, the volunteers, the amount of visceral fat was normal. The study confirms yet again that not all fats are equally useful or harmful. Should be attentive to your diet.

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