Saliva will tell about the person's state of health

As is known, some types of diseases, especially cancer, is very difficult to diagnose in the early stages. But, according to the Daily Mail, soon even that will be possible. For this we need hand over the analysis of saliva.

According to the doctors, these tests will become real only in 10 years. Björn Klinge, Professor at the University of malmö, is convinced that this will not only save people from unnecessary tests, but will also help him to cope with any disease. The thing is, he won't have to visit the hospital and to expose themselves to psychological stress. People will be able to get yourself a swab of the oral cavity, seal it in a special package to send to the lab and get the results.

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While it is difficult to make any predictions, because the saliva tests are not particularly accurate. For example, he will not be able to distinguish lung cancer from colon cancer. But he will show that in the body there are negative changes that require the intervention of a doctor. Scientists "dismantle" the saliva literally components to determine which component is responsible for what. Now the analysis can accurately determine the presence of such diseases as diabetes, cancer (in General), problems with the cardiovascular system, etc.

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