Safe removal of spider veins.

Today, spider veins are not considered as a disease that requires treatment. Rather, it is a cosmetic defect. Meanwhile, their sudden and abundant appearance may be an indication that the body has begun noteworthy medical negative changes.

To contribute to the formation of spider veins, according to doctors, can:

The important thing is the removal of spider veins is only possible after the diagnosis, which helped to establish the cause of their appearance. Otherwise, the procedure is done in a beauty salon, it may be useless or even harmful. To pass the examination, you need to see a doctor-phlebologist.

To combat the phenomenon is now actively used non-surgical methods, including laser therapy. It is based on the management of radiation having a specific wavelength. This allows it to easily penetrate the skin, leaving no traces on its surface, and to interact with hemoglobin.

The result is the so-called blood boil. It is accompanied by the formation of tiny air bubbles, which seem sealed stricken vessel. The blood flow in it stops, and with it disappears visible cosmetic defect. If spider veins many, the course of treatment takes about three to six months.

Similar results allows us to achieve another method. Talking about sclerotherapy, which is based on the use of special substances. When it is injected into the affected vessel, the foam is formed, preventing the flow of the blood. Over time, the lumen is covered with connective tissue. As a result, the vessel becomes completely undetectable by external examination.

It sclerotherapy is considered to be the safest and painless method of removing spider veins. It does not require anesthesia: medic uses so thin needle that her prick practically is not felt by the patient.

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The above treatments are available in our days and in beauty salons. Experts insist that to treat the problem is in specialized medical centers that have the appropriate license and are responsible for the results. Only in clinics, patients can undergo a comprehensive diagnosis and consult on how to build their lives in the future.

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