Sad news: From the bites of blood-sucking insects known means absolutely useless

"Itching from the bites of blood-sucking insects even the most stable person is able to bring to mind (of course, in a figurative sense). But sold in pharmacies remedy against the bites of insects are not a problem," say the experts. Scientists believe: "Data products - the usual pointless waste of money and time," on their pages, writes The Daily Mail.

Recent studies have shown that "Without proper treatment people were bitten by midges, mosquitoes, bedbugs and fleas are much faster rid of extremely unpleasant, exhausting nervous system symptoms." Scientists on the pages of the medical Bulletin of Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin provides recommendations on the basis of which should, in extreme cases, use a cold compress that can shoot much faster swelling and itching.

Among the huge variety of tools that are designed to help you bites, in fact, the lion's share of these products proper validation is not passed. According to the facts, originally many of them were created as a medical treatment for completely different problems. Take, for example, creams-steroids - they are designed to reduce the itching of eczema. Based on this property, there was one conclusion - creams-steroids may help and those who are bitten by blood-sucking insects.

Similarly is the case with antihistamine tablets. So what are the ointments containing painkillers components, they provide only a minimal effect. However, there are reasons to believe that the solution is dilute ammonium still able to remove the old itch.

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