Sad music helps to survive problems on the personal front

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley found that listening to sad music, people can easier to pass through the gap of a personal relationship with a loved one. The obtained research results contradict the popular belief that if a person is sad, the best way to cheer yourself up is to view Comedy and listening to rhythmic music.

According to study co-author Dr. Stephen Palmer mentioned the American University, the fact that the emotional experiences of aesthetic product is very important for man's happiness and well-being. Psychologists have found that during the experiences severe emotional shocks people more inclined to use the so-called "surrogates", which they are able to replace lost personal relationships, reports The Telegraph.

The study found that in the case of personal problems in relationships, people preferred to listen to the lacrimal sad melodies that were in keeping with their bad and depressed mood and acted on them as the help of a close friend, empathic their personal drama.

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It should also be noted that the way people were cured only when they had problems on the personal front. In case of any problems other properties, people chose not to listen to sad music.

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