Russians will insure against disease

Sergey Regional, Deputy Minister of health, on the eve informed about the possibility of introducing a new type of health insurance. Companies will be allowed to insure against the occurrence of the disease. Private insurance will be one of the sources of Finance for health care.

The amount a person would receive upon detection of the disease, will be from 750 thousand to 1.5 million rubles. The estimated cost of the annual insurance - 5590 rubles. You will be insured in case of cancer, other serious pathologies. It is believed that such measures will help to prevent the patient from serious financial consequences associated with any disease.

The insurance payment will be issued immediately upon installation of the diagnosis. Sick man frees himself from the queue quotas. The popularization of such insurance plays into the hands of not only society, but also the health system. The money will improve the quality of treatment, its timeliness. The remainder of the money received for the purchase of insurance, Regional reports will go to improving the healthcare system.

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