Russians have no common opinion on the state of domestic medicine, the survey showed

Russians can't agree about the quality of medical care provided. According to the survey, 30% of people think that ten years ago medicine was better than it is now. 28% while talking about serious changes for the better. The availability and quality of medical care in General, Russians view an average of 2.7 points out of 5.

Every third Respondent was unsure of the qualifications of young specialists. Don't like Russians waiting for treatment and the difficulty of entry to physicians of relevant specialties. Until now, difficulties arise with the passage of complex investigations such as CT and MRI.

With all of this, 28% of respondents noticed improvement in the field of medicine. They note acceleration of passage of most procedures, the introduction of new techniques into medical practice. Mostly positive changes to look young people aged up to 34 years with income from 45 000 rubles per month. Criticized modern medicine people over 45 years.

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