Russians began to smoke less - statistics

The Ministry of health in the last few years takes strict laws on Smoking, and distribution of tobacco products. These measures gave the first fruits. For the first time in the last 25 years, the number sold in Russia tobacco decreased by 16%. Also 5% decreased mortality from cardiovascular disease. It is possible that these indicators have a relationship.

Significantly decreased levels of passive Smoking because of the ban on Smoking in public places. Before you can smoke in most cafes and restaurants, at bus stops and at the entrance to the subway. Now for this behavior put an administrative fine.

Joined the fight against Smoking and television public service announcements. The decrease in the attractiveness of cigarettes in the eyes of the younger generation is one of the main challenges faced by health workers.

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There are unresolved issues. While impossible ban snuff and chewing tobacco. It is proved that such methods of absorption of nicotine is harmful to mucous membranes and cause oral cancer. There are difficulties with the regulation of the market of electronic cigarettes. Experts believe that the heated mixture of glycerin and nicotine is not much inferior to conventional cigarettes in biomolecule harm.

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