Surgeons from the all-Russian center of emergency and radiation medicine EMERCOM name Nikiforova (vterm) in St. Petersburg transplant patient implant made of pig skin. Usually in such cases, use the skin of the patient.

Traditional skin grafting procedure is associated with additional injuries. You need to remove the skin area from one place, sew up the defect and to carry out direct transplantation of a skin flap.

In the case of a transfer of the biological transplant from a pig technique the surgical operation is simplified significantly. This method is suitable when extensive burns.

The patient with scarring on the hand first transplanted plot of his skin. However, after surgery, mobility of the fingers disappeared completely. Then a patient suggested a transplant of a biological graft. In the end, the surgery was successful, and the mobility of limbs recovered.

Note that these materials have for many years manufactured overseas. Now the technique is mastered and doctors from Russia.

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